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Healing, Not Hiding.

Transforming the Culture Counseling provides you a safe space to explore your thoughts, feelings, experiences, and the spaces you occupy in this world. We prepare and support you on the journey to discovering your organic and authentic self through therapy, coaching, psycho-education, and speaking engagements.

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About Me

I am a nationally certified counselor licensed in the states of GA, FL, SC, and NJ. My ideal clients are individuals who want to work through feelings of anxiety, depression, grief and loss, relationship challenges, infidelity, life transitions, and who are challenged with practicing self-love. 

As Therapist Tracey I am an author and speaker who was born to inspire hope in the world. I remind people that they are amazing and have the right to exist in this world as they are Simply BECAUSE! We work together to establish balance and boundaries, self-compassion, self-worth, and life goals that allow clients to live authentically and comfortably in the skin they are in. 


My expertise is in creating safe, supportive environments, and building client-therapist alliances where you can be yourself, allowing the therapeutic power of healing to grow.

State License Numbers

FL: Telehealth Provider #622
NJ: License #37PC00817800
GA: License #011934

SC: TLC 420 PC

Florida Department of Health


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