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Simply stated, I believe I was born to inspire hope and healing in the world! I am an empath who uses my own life challenges to help others see healing as an option in their own lives. I have taken formal education and spirit-led heart and used it every day of my life to help others get to happy. I'm a nationally certified professional counselor licensed in the states of GA, FL, and NJ. I work mostly with individuals and couples who want to get to the GOOD PART of life. This includes individuals who want help working through feelings of anxiety, depression, grief & loss, life changes, relationship challenges, and life transitions. We work together to establish balance and boundaries, self-compassion, self-esteem and life goals that allow clients to live authentically and comfortably in the skin they are in.

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Whether you want to get more out of your personal life and choices or are looking to improve relationships with the ones you love professional counseling is a great place to start. Counseling will empower you to work through the things that are holding you back from the life you desire. As your counselor I partner with you; the expert in your life; to uncover insights and new tools that help manage your life. I work with individuals and couples to create, adjust, and, above all, reach their desired goals. Together we can create everyday motivation to help smash your existing goals and create new ones. If you’re in the Atlanta Metro area, you’ll want to get in touch with me, let's get to the "Good Part" of Life!


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All services
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The Art of Being Authentic - The Book

Therapeutic Services

Individual Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is the focus on the improvement of a clients life by focusing on their mental health. We often revisit …

Relationship Counselling

Relationship and couples work focuses on holding space for healthy interaction between multiple clients in …

Psychoeducational Groups

Educational groups that focus on teaching clients life improving skills. These abilities include self-compassion, …

Life Coaching

Life coaching focuses on goals and empowerment while therapy focuses on mental health and is based on a medical model. …

Speaking Engagements

Book me to speak at events that help women become empowered, encouraged, and evolved into their best selves.

The Art of Being Authentic - The Book

The Art of Being Authentic: Nine Principles to Living …


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